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    Speedball photo emulsion

    Does it seem hard to get the photo emulsion to spread on smoothly? Even with the squeegee? I've been making my own screens by stapling the screenprinting fabric onto the frame, maybe it's not tight and flat enough? I keep the emulsion in the fridge, as directed, maybe if I let it warm up a bit it would spread nicely?

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    Letting the emulsion warm up to room temperature would probably help - it does get thicker when it's cold. It should be pretty thin and runny. Slight unevenness of the emulsion on the screen shouldn't noticeably affect your end result anyway.

    I wouldn't try to speed it up by heating it in the microwave or anything like that, though - that might "cook" it.

    I haven't done screenprinting in so long - I miss it!

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    Whoops, didn't notice this til now. Thanks for replying. I've been trying to use as little emulsion as possible, that could be part of the problem too. I'll let it come to room temp next time.


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