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    sewing machine recommendation


    I know there have been many rec's before but I could not find any doing a search! Anyway, I want a machine that isn't too complicated, but can do an auto. buttonhole and good zipper. My current machine (Kenmore) is over 20 years old and is grinding down so I need one fast! I looked at a Singer "Commercial" weight for $200 at Sam's but it had a 4 step button hole and I think they've gotten better than that?......

    I'd appreciate any tips on what to look for. I don't want anything fancy but will spend what I need for a good basic machine with a few extras.

    BTW, I do have a small hobby/business that requires me to sew on heavy fabric (denim, canvas) at times.



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    Singer 401A. they are THE BEST and are total workhorses for sewing heavy fabrics. you can usually find one for under $100 (mine was $10 at the dump thrift store!) and they generally just need to be cleaned up and have to sticky old oil cleared out with WD40.


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