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    Screened in T-Shirts?

    I don't know if anyone could help me out on this or offer any suggestions, but I have all of these old picture books, magazines, comics, etc that I like to use in crafts and one of the ideas I had was to use them as either t-shirts or totes.

    I thought I saw this at Michael's a long time ago but maybe I'm going insane. It's a program that you could use to trace the stencil and then iron it on.

    Is there anything like this or is there anything else that I can use? Maybe a cheap silkscreen? Thanks to all those who apply.

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    What exactly are you wanting to do? Make screenprints out of the illustrations in the books? Apply the pages directly onto something?

    Probably the most instant-gratification way to put those pictures onto t-shirts would be to scan them and print them out onto iron-on transfer paper. I've had mixed results using the stuff - it can be kind of tricky, and not all brands of paper are the same quality.

    Scanning the images and making them into screenprints is totally possible, and can be fun - but I'll tell you right now, it's a multi-step, time-consuming and messy process. If that's what you're really interested in, I can give you more details.

    Oh yeah, and don't forget there may be copyright issues with the artwork.


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