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Thread: Shelves?

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    I have brackets and screws and a piece of wood. I just don't know how to get it all in place! And what are anchors? How do I use em?

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    you need drywall anchors if you're putting the shelf on drywall (gypsum board) and you're not screwing the brackets into studs. they're usually conical plastic or metal things that you hammer or screw into the drywall, then you screw the actual screws into the hole in the anchor. if you just put the screws into the drywall, they pull right out.

    if you know where the studs in your wall are, you can just screw the regular screws into the studs, but it's easiest to find them with a stud finder. you can use the "bang on the wall" technique but it takes some practice since studs are only 2" across.

    even with drywall anchors, you can't put anything very heavy on a shelf that's not screwed into the studs.


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