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Thread: Would it work?

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    Would it work?

    So, my little sister is getting rid of a lot of temporary tattoos lately. Then I started thinking would they work if I wanted to put them on a pair of Keds, or some other shoe that is canvas.

    Has anyone every done this before? Also how would you keep it there? Iron it maybe?

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    If they transfer on with water, you still would have to do that to get them onto the shoes.
    Then I would clear coat them with several coats of clear spray laquer.

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    Yep, that's what I was thinking too. You might scuff a little off, but you could touch up with markers.

    Cool idea - post a pic if you make them!

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    Or maybe when it dries cover it with a layer of fabric glue? What type of laquor are you refering to?


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