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    making moulds for beads

    Hello all you craftsters!!!

    I adore resin jewellery but they are so expensive!!!

    The Dinosaur Design range
    ( ) is fantastic but i dont think i can afford $300 for a necklace anymore.

    Anyway, a friend gave me the idea of making resin jewellery in the style of DDesigns myself. Apparently all i need to do is to get resin from craft store, melt it? and put into moulds.

    The bit i'm having trouble with the most is the moulds-how onearth do i make bead moulds?!!!

    I'm new to jewellery making and so am VERY inexperienced. Any help is greatly apprieciated.

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    resin is usually something you buy in two components, mix, and pour into molds. it hardens because of a chemical reaction between the two components.

    i have no idea how you'd make the molds other than having them made in silicone by a mold-maker, but you'd have to drill the holes after the beads were molded.

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    You could use Miracle Mold:

    Linda (who owns the site) has fabulous customer service, and is a neat lady!

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    I really don't know anything about resin, but I have made clay molds from polymer clay before. I usually take decorated buttons, pendants, plastic beads or other such textured things to make the molds from. I used a handle on a mirror w/ raised flowers once.


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