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    Best deals for yarn in the UK?

    (Hi I'm new!) Since starting knitting about 2 weeks ago I've already spent more than I thought I would on my first ever project, I naively thought a baby blanket would only take 2 100g balls of super chunky yarn! Duh!! So I'm going to be seriously in need of cheap places to get yarn for my future projects as this one's going to bankrupt me!... Is there anywhere especially good on the net? Keeping in mind that I'm in the UK!

    Thanks, sorry if this has been asked before!


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    Charity shops are your friend.
    I never have much money to spare, and have a crafting obsession, so I regularly raid charity shops.
    Okay you might not get the posh yarn that everyone talks about on the forums, but you can get some great bargains. I've bought several bags of yarn, each with enough in for a cardy for about 3. Carrier bags full of different yarns usually go for cheaper, about 2, I make toys and bags from the bits, there's usually enough to make something.
    I've had some great bargains. I picked up some about half a ball of sirdar Yo-Yo. A full ball costs about 16 and is enough to make a jumper. It's a lovely fuzzy multi coloured yarn, I made a great bag out of it, and it cost me 20p!
    If you've really got time to spare you can pull apart old jumpers too.
    As for the branded stuff, pass... I think you have to pay full price unfortunately :(

    I see you do jewellery as well, I buy old necklaces from charity shops, pull them apart and combine them with other beads. Hey presto, new things made from vintage jewellery, and people like the fact it's vintage.

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    I was in the same boat when someone handed me a Rowan R2 book and I decided I HAD to start making some of the clothes. Usually the wool is 5 a ball but I was able to buy on ebay for 7.50 for 10!! Imagine my delight at actually being able to afford the R2 stuff!

    I've had a quick scan for other wools and there seam to be quite a few people on there selling wools at reasonable prices.

    Other than that I've not found anywhere other than charity shops around the North West for cheap supplies.

    happy knitting! Ph x

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    Thanks :) I do keep going round charity shops on the lookout for clothes to chop up and beads and yarn etc but they must all be crap around here or something! Argh! Maybe my luck will change!

    (Ebay is going to get a visit from Miss Credit Card I think, after payday!)

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    I just wanted to put a plug in for a super gal with duper stuff: has great hand spun yarn and is generous with her portions.
    Check her out if you wanna.


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