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    Defining and Describing Colors


    Just got a sample bag of different colors of raw wool. I have no idea what are some of the colors they dyed the wool. I always thought it was interesting how people saw colors differently. There was this thing we had to describe at work, I saw it as yellow and another person saw it as wheat. One time, I asked my friend to get me some fabric that are two different shades of blue. He clearly got me one that is blue and another that's closer to the color green, but he insists they're both blue. Need your help in identifying these colors:

    Garden Ivy

    Probably some of these colors are made up by the company, but other colors in the bag seem to be logical...for example, Burnt Orange, Peach, Navy are all easy to identify. I also wonder how people see different shades of color. What's the difference between khaki and camel? Lime Green or Mint Green? Thought it would be interesting how you crafters and artists identify/define/describe colors :-)

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    It is really interesting how different we see color. Everyones eyes see things slightly different. It's cool.

    Ecru - I have no idea.
    Horizon - This makes me think of a fuzzy greyish blue
    Rosewood - reddish brown?
    Mallard - dark bluish green like a mallard duck
    Tartan - I have no idea.
    Garden Ivy - slightly yellowish green
    Pewter - silvery gray
    Begonia - i have no idea
    Kelly - bright green. like st. patricks day green.

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    This is fun! I see the colors like this:

    Ecru - off white like aged lace

    Horizon - orange-red like sunset

    Rosewood - creamy brownish red

    Mallard - green like the duck

    Tartan - dark green like Scottish Plaid

    Garden Ivy - light green

    Pewter - dark gray

    Begonia - bright pink like Barbie

    Kelly - bright typical green

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    I have joked that I would like to be one of the people who give the colors names in catalogs. But on the spot, I can never think of any!
    My husband asked me to hand him the pink fishing lure once. I looked all over the boat and couldn't find it. He finally got it himself and it wasn't pink. It was coral! We got a laugh out of that.
    Color is the most exciting thing. In the natural world, everything is grey, brown, green, blue, white. A little color via a flower or a bird goes a long way! We live in such a color saturated culture, and I am happy for that.

    My take on the colors:

    ecru- off white almost but not nearly tan

    horizon- this can't be it but I see it as a blue wash, like the horizon far away from a plane

    Rosewood- the brown of cocoa miked with a red

    Mallard- glossy dark dark bright green

    Tartan- I would think some kind of green, but ???

    Garden Ivy- leaf green

    Pewter- dark silver grey

    Begonia- pink, probably extremely so, like a penstemon

    Kelly- super Irish green

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    lol, I had to have my mom help me sort the floss in one of my cross stitch kits because the colors were so close and some of the names I'd never heard of.

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    Re: Defining and Describing Colors

    Not to nit-pick, but "raw" wool usually means wool that is just as it came from the sheep. Dyed wool is usually washed and prepped. You most likely have what is called roving (which is indicative of a certain type of wool preparation).

    Ecru - the darker end of beige; not quite tan
    Horizon - hm, the name makes it hard. I guess a pale yellow
    Rosewood - medium brown with reddish undertones
    Mallard - deep blue-green; possibly with black undertones
    Tartan - I picture a bright warm red; although it's hard to say, as tartans are many different colors.
    Garden Ivy - medium to dark grayish green
    Pewter - medium to deep bluish gray
    Begonia -fuschia
    Kelly - bright, clear medium green

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    Everybody sees colors differently. And for goodness sake don't ask a guy--the only color names they know are red, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, orange, brown, black, white, and grey.

    Here is my take:

    Ecru - could be any shade of off white to almost tan
    Horizon - light bluish gray
    Rosewood - brown with red undertones
    Mallard - very dark irridescent green almost black
    Tartan - could be blue or red, hard to say
    Garden Ivy - dark green
    Pewter - light to medium gray
    Begonia - bright reddish orange
    Kelly - medium general green

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    Trying not to read others' responses before posting...

    Ecru: The dark end of off-white, like tea-stained fabric
    Horizon: Dark, somewhat grayed-out purplish indigo. Actually I'd see this as variegated, ranging from that dark indigo to lighter gray-blue-purple, to bright pinkish orange like a sunset.
    Rosewood: Rich brownish pink
    Mallard: Shiny dark teal
    Tartan: Either dark loden green or dark red (or a variegated combo of both, with bits of yellow and black)
    Garden Ivy: Medium-light neutral green
    Pewter: Medium-dark silvery gray
    Begonia: Hot pink, bright but not day-glo trendy
    Kelly: Grass green, the exact same color as a green crayon

    What's the difference between khaki and camel? I'd say khaki is just a bit lighter and a neutral "sand" tone, whereas camel is a richer, brighter beige with more yellow/gold in it.
    Lime Green or Mint Green? Big difference. Lime green is predominantly yellow (think of a yellow-green crayon), and mint green is paler and more blue, almost aqua.

    Oh yeah, edited to add: Guys are color-blind. Most of them just a little bit so as to be barely noticeable, but still, it's true. Women can distinguish colors (especially shades of red) more than men can.


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