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Thread: what to do??

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    what to do??

    Does anyone have any good, ecologically sound ideas for the use of perfume? When I was going through my "I have to find my signature scent" phase, I bought several bottles that I don't wear anymore. I was thinking of donating it to a women's shelter, but I'm not sure if they accept used toiletries. Any ideas? It seems shameful to throw it away.

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    You can always post it on freecycle, craigslist, or on here for a swap.
    Or ask your friends if any of them want it.
    I'm sure that you could probably get some swap things on here though.
    What ones are they?

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    I hate getting a perfume that I kinda like and then later on I realize I hate it. Luckily I only have one bottle and I still love the smell. I will die if they ever stop making it I think. Asking your friends if they want them would be a great idea, I'm sure someone would want one. What kinds do you have? A swap on here would be good too.

    About the women's shelter, I don't know if it would be that big of a deal, especially if it's the spray bottle kind. it's not like it's shampoo or makeup that you've had your hands in the actual stuff. I'd call and ask though, that would be a great place to donate your perfume. And if they do take it, let us know. I know my mom has a ton of perfume that's just sitting around the house that she doesn't really want but hates to throw away.

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    start a perfume swap!

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    thanks for the ideas! The perfumes are Kate Spade and Benefit's Maybe Baby. If anyone is interested, please let me know!

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    Just a reminder if you are going to do a swap - perfume usually expires in 3-5 years (the scent will go sour) especially if it is in a glass bottle as light speeds up the process. If the bottle is ceramic or metal you can get a couple extra years out of it. I don't know how long you've had your perfume but it wouldn't be very fun to swap expired perfumes :).

    P.S. I have an unused bottle of Versace Red Jeans that I would be willing to swap.

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    I've had them both under 2 years. They should have some life left in them!


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