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Thread: Paper Making

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    Paper Making

    Does anyone have any experience making paper? Over the past few months I’ve done a little bit of paper making (I have a blender and access to high quality paper to recycle into pulp)… I've had some success but I have been having troubling making a paper that “stays together”. I want to use the paper for printmaking so it has to survive being damped a few times and run through a press.
    A lady suggested liquid starch once but I am afraid that will make the paper weird and it won’t accept the ink I try to put on it. Any suggestions for other binding things to mix in the pulp?

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    It's been a while since I made paper, but as I recall it takes powdered Borax and liquid starch. I don't think the starch affects color, however I don't know about printing. I was always able to write on it okay, though. I know that when you make paper that you need a binder of some kind. Good luck.

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    From experience the cheaper the paper the better - bog standard office paper shredded is really good (plus you can often get randon words or letters which can look really cool) or newspaper (writing bleached off) or sugar paper are my fav's.

    You can also add a small amount of pva but this might hamper your printing so you might want to test that first.

    Good luck! Ph

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    Please see the thread at the top, the one called "any good recipes for handmade paper??". There's some good advice and links, too.


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