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    How do I make a peasant skirt?

    Anyone know how to make a tiered peasant skirt without a pattern? I could probably muddle through it myself, but I'd like any suggestions or links to show me step-by-step. I have some material I'd scavenged from old dresses and Salvy, but no $ for a pattern. I plan on an elastic waist, which I forgot how to do, as well. Seems like I was much more crafty when I was in HS. I used to make my own clothes without a pattern all the time, because my tastes are BOHO, and it wasn't cool in the early 90's. You couldn't find patterns for bell sleeved shirts and stuff... I guess I just have to get back into it.

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    Probably the easiest way to do make a tiered peasant skirt is to start with about fabric about 1.5 times your hip size for the top tier and then 3 times that for the next tier and 3 times that for the next tier and so on. Making each tier however long you want and as many tiers as you want.

    Start by making the waist casing in the top tier:
    1. Sew the back seam, leaving an opening the width of the elastic plus about 1/4" at the top with about a 1/4 to 1/2" seam at the very end.
    2. Fold under 1/4" and then fold down the width of the elastic, plus a little, and sew all around.
    3. You will end up with a casing with an opening on the inside of the waist to put in the elastic.
    4. Using a bodkin or safety pin thread the elastic through, making sure you don't pull the free end into the opening. (I pin it to the fabric under the opening to make sure.)
    5. Overlap the ends of the elastic (measured to your waist comfort) about an inch and sew a square with an x in the middle.
    6. You don't have to close up the opening since no one will see it. And if you gain or lose weight you can take out the existing elastic and put new in.

    1. Sew the back seam.
    2. Mark the half and quarter lengths around on the previous tier and the one you are adding. You can do eighths too, if you want your gathers perfect.
    3. Sew a long basting stitch around the top of the tier.
    4. Match the marks up and pin.
    5. Pull up the basting thread between the pins, making the gathers even between pins.
    5. Sew the seam.
    6. Continue with each tier until the skirt is the length you want.

    I recently saw some skirts like this that were sewn with the seam on the outside and the edges left unfinished so they unraveled a little when washed giving a cool fringe effect. The hem was the same. Very cute. On the hem you might want to sew a line of stitching about 1/4" from the bottom so it doesn't fray too much or unevenly.

    Actually, the best way to ensure your tiers are even is to tear the fabric, provided it will tear. Then everything will be on the straight of grain and the fraying will be consistent.

    Have fun.


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