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    Cool Wall Art

    I have been meaning to decorate our walls since we moved into this house, but then the baby came and...well, you know how it is! So, I'm looking for suggestions of fairly simple ways to create wall art. I'm not a painter, but I like geometrical abstract art - does anyone know of any websites that give tips on how to do this? Maybe using stencils?


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    I know this isn't exactly what you are looking for since it's not very crafty, but the Target near my house these packs of 4 prints in the $1 section, and they had frames $1 a piece. So you could get a set of 4 pics and hang them up for $5. I've put up 2 sets in my house (one set of chocolate related designs in the kitchen and one set of flowers in my bathroom). I like them a lot. I saw one of the chocolate related prints in a real print store. It was bigger, but even so, it was substantially more expensive. You could even just use the prints temporarily since they're so cheap, until you have time to finish up your more crafty art.

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    My suggestion is also kind of weird, but look on bulletin boards for flyers with neat art. I have one with a couple of anime people on it stolen from school [I waited until they were ripping them down, and took one.]
    Just make sure it's after the event date, and no one will care. There are some really cool flyers out there if you keep your eyes peeled.
    The best part is, they're free, and most people just throw them away anyways.

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    I happened to have several rolls of mylar laying around the house one day and simply hung it from floor to ceiling with clear packing tape. Looked awesome. Mylar's kind of expensive (i had found mine in I.M. Pei's trash) but undoubtedly there's something flat, colorful and easy to tack up around if you look for it! Would it be possible in your area to find a giant billboard or construction barrier with a giant image on it? Have fun!

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    I've decorated my walls with lots of postcards, I've had a lot sent to me over the last couple of years. But I've noticed you can find some really cute free ones in cafes. Or you can find intersting ones at mueseums and galleries.

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    Great ideas! I looked around at my local Target and couldn't find the prints - they probably change the merchandise around every week. But there were some other items I thought were fun. I love the $1 section of Target! And there is a new Dollar store near me with such cute stuff. Very fun.

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    Stencil Revolution is a great website with some tutorials:

    You could also use movie posters (our video store is always giving these away), old calendar images, even cool wrapping paper or fabric put into an inexpensive frame (which is great if you like abstract art). Or how about old record albums from the thrift store?

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    hello all,
    I think I may have an economical answer for you. This site offers wall art that is easy and removable if you move or get tired of it. They offer many designs and special requests are also welcome.

    easy wall art and many designs....vinyl wall art

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    Free Printable Crafts

    It is good news that you have got a new family member. There are a number of websites for the home décor especially if you want to do it yourself. You can check out few free printable crafts online. One of the websites that I came across is


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