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    Graphic Design

    I am a PC user and have always heard that MACs are better for graphics & graphic design. Can someone tell me how they are better? I am thinking of getting a new computer.

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    these days it is no longer true - you get the same programs for both machines.

    that said - I just loooooove my mac ;) but if I had to, I could easily work on a pc, just takes a little adjustment (no apple-button i.e.)

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    I <3 my mac tool. It's an easier-to-use machine as compared to a pc. My boyfriend, the computer geek, uses my computer at every chance even though he owns a pc himself.

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    I have always been a mac user and I am a graphic designer. It is true that the programs are available for PC but if you are truly a professional a mac would be better because it is less of a headache in packaging your files and transitioning your file formats to be printed on a press.

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    PCs aren't really difficult to use, i'm was a graphic designer, there are some awesome progams for PCs. I think its a bit more difficut getting some programs for macs.


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