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    waterproofing paper mache HELP!!!!

    Ok, I have a pirate parade coming up and i have made this HUGE lovely wonderfull paper mache mermaid for the front of the truck we are all riding in.... and OF COURSE it looks like a tropical storm is coming.....
    Do any of you know of the best way to waterproof paper mache!??!?!?!?!

    The float should be AWESOME, with a mermaid and lots of pirates and other funnnesss and i dont want a soggy mermaid to ruin my captain morgan fun!

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    i bet a waterproof shellac would work. or some kind of lacquer.

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    waterproofing paper mache

    I think several coats of clear acrylic paint medium (you can get this from an art supply store) would work well. It essentially dries into a layer of clear, flexible plastic, so it won't flake or chip like shellac might. It would be more expensive than a finish from a hardware store-and might take a while- you'd have to apply it with a brush- no spray cans.

    I wish you good luck and good weather.


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