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    Help With Stamps Please

    I have just moved and cleared out the loft I have found a load of used postage stamps none are old but they have all been used, I was just wondering if anyone knew of anything crafty I could do with them.
    Or if you know of any links to things you can make with stamps.
    I have had a quick look but not found anything yet.
    Thankyou in advance
    Take care
    Ame x x

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    I'd decopage a wooden box with them and use it to store stationery or bills of other things dealing with the mail.

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    Hi Ame,

    What a great treasure to find! If you can get your hands on a laminator or even justa roll of clear adhesive shelf paper, you can make all sorts of things. There are your typical bookmarks and placemats but you can also use it almost like a fabric and make stuff like little tote bags and wallets. I'd be a little leary of putting the plastic through a sewing machine because it might gum up the needle. But hey! You never know until you try. There's also handstitching, grommets and the ever versatile duct tape to use for joining the pieces. Just be sure to work slow, from one end to the other to get the bubbles out if you use the roll of shelf paper. Oh, and then there's sandwiching the stamps between glass and copper foiling the edges... Heck! I'm excited now! Where's that postman with my mail?

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    we used to cover our school books as kids with old postage stamps, we always had the most interesting books in the class :)


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