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    Button maker

    Has anyone had any experience with the B'Stylin Button Maker - I think it was featured in Bust a while back? I want a button maker, but I don't think I need (and really can't afford) one of those industrial Badge-A-Minit machines. I was worried about getting refill parts, but I found a machine listed on E-bay and it says that the machine will accept most standard 1" parts. Can someone verify this for me? Merci, craftistas ;).


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    I don't have one, but I'm considering buying a machine at some point myself.

    I found this article:

    and a review on epinions on a toy for girls that makes buttons (might be a lot cheaper than a professional machine):

    and here is the page on the manufacturer's web site where you can contact their customer service department for information:

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    Depending on the quantity you're going to make and the quality you want them to be, I know you said they're expensive, but the expensive button makers are definitely worth saving up for if you can manage it. To offset the cost after you buy it you can always "rent" it out to friends or even chip in to buy it with friends. You--and your friends--will get more than enough use out of it to justify buying it (I promise! And probably in the first month alone if you get addicted to making them like me :P) and it's super heavy duty so they won't break. (Well, neither one of mine has broken yet. That's a lot coming from someone who is super clumsy and tends to break stuff that shouldn't be able to break! :P)


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