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    zombie makeup, making scars out of leftover latex?

    Anyone have any tips on creating zombie/dead person makeup? I found some instructions for bruises, which look amazing - it really helps with that blood-pooled look that corpses get. I can't stand the cheap halloween paint that never blends, cracks and everything sticks to.

    Anyone know if acrylic paint is safe to use, will it stain?

    I'm using pale foundation with white goth powder on top, purple and gray eyeshadow for sunken cheeks and other contours. Then red lipliner around the eyelids, red lipstick with purple, brown and green eyeshadow blended on top for the bruises. I also bought some purple liquid liner to make tiny little veins...but it's not so smooth.

    I mostly need help with the eyes. I've been watching DVD extras for a lot of horror movies and watching how they apply the makeup. But since I'm a girl who wears eyeshadow everyday, I can't keep myself from basically doing my regular eyeshadow when I'm trying to fix up my eyes. I'm wanting more realistic, dark, sunken in eyes rather than pretty makeup eyes.

    my husband has some leftover latex he was making masks out of, we were thinking of getting some out and making our own scar and painting it ourselves. Anyone know what I should use to make it stick to my skin?

    I've been searching around the internet for pictures and trying to figure this out myself, but then (two days before Halloween of course) decide to ask people who probably know from experience :) So any little bit helps. I love all the little details about costumes...even if I'm the only one who notices.

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    Well I'm not sure about the scar thing, but as far as make up goes. We did the zombie thing last year and it was a big hit at the party we were at. I used a grey base, theatre make-up. Of course I just tried to find the tube so I could give you the brand name and couldn't find it...Now, you would think it would be with all the other Halloween make-up, wouldn't you? Anyway, I also used red eye liner for the inner rims and the rest was all shades of grey, black ,purple and a touch of green. They were all blended around the eyes with a brush and other spots for cheek, chin and under jaw contouring.
    Maybe the images will help you more. I'll make it so it links to them so you can print them if you want, for reference.
    Good luck! And have a great time!!!!!!

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    Oh thanks. Those are great. I completely forgot about the little spots of gray all over, I was just doing contours w/ the shadow, I would've had a pretty healthy looking forehead. ;) heh


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