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    Party photobooth ideas???

    I'm throwing a 30th birthday party for my best friend in a couple weeks (come as your favorite rock star theme!) and I really want to have a cool "photobooth" corner. (I've actually been desperate to find a really cheap KISS life sized stand-up for people to pose with, but I can't afford any of the ones I've seen - maybe I should dress up as Gene Simmons??). Anyhoo, does anyone have any good photobooth ideas? Oh, I have a polaroid and a digital camera and I don't mind being the photographer.

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    i have made many a photobooth in my day and it's super fun! i would go with polaroids, but make sure you'll have a scanner so everyone can enjoy them, not just one person.
    generally my best luck for setting up backgrounds is the liberal use of tin foil. i am big on dimensional art, so lots of different levels--a background and then cut-out stars hanging from the ceiling nd whatnot--simple, buit effective. it's nice to have some sort of a sign that shows what the party commemorates...pretty much my favorite thing to do is to concentrate on it like a prom backdrop and really accentuate the cheesey.
    oh, and one more tip--at this time of year there are usually good deals on vinyl tablecloths for thanksgiving and christmas and a big gold lame vinyl tablecloth gives you a great ground to build your background on. that and tulle and net, which are super cheap and can be used for something else after the fact.

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    More Ideas...

    Don't forget all the weird stuff at your 99 cent or "98 cents and up"-type stores, they're full of trippy things. Sometimes you can luck out and find toy instruments (good for rockin' out in the photo booth). But there's bound to be lots of tinsel that can be morphed with tinfoil to make an exciting backdrop, like a red garland tinsel curtain (very prom-like) or take plastic plants and glue them into a messy arbor,they make excellent party scrumple.
    Last time I was at the 99 cent store, they had "fun noodles" made from foam... with a little silver spray paint and glitter, they can hang from above, or be part of the framework of the booth, or have something written on the side like "Hang Out with Your Wang Out" and people can use it as a "wacky prop" or people can have a gladiator battle... you can really do a lot with a fun noodle. Also: cheap-o Xmas lights, easy to get right now, they add a lot of sparkle to photos. Lots of places throw out old calendars right now or offer them at a discount... you could get a few and use the pictures from them to make a bizarre collage of puppies, mountain backdrops or beefy men.
    For consideration: If you can't get a full cut-out of KISS, you could make just their faces, paint them on cardboard, and people can hold them up like masks and wear them in the photos.


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