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    christmas stockings

    hello. i am fairly new to crafting and i have a question about a recent project. I am making a christmas stocking for a friend of mine and i'm not sure what is the best way to put a picture onto a stocking. Any suggestions? =)

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    i would scan it, print it out on iron on transfer, and transfer it that way. what exactly did you have in mind?

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    is it a fake fur stocking?

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    Photo Idea

    The iron-on idea is the best, here are some alternatives to explore in case
    your stocking is made from fun fur or burlap or plastic or whatever:
    You can take photos to Kinko's and have them professionalluy laminated (a little harder plastic and rather thorough), then you can punch holes with a hole-puncher all the way around, and sew it onto the stocking "Holly-Hobby" style with big fat yarn.
    If that's too complicated, you can also get clear, heavy-duty packing tape and self-laminate, after making sure your photo is mounted/glued to a sturdy surface like cardstock. You might want to use a copy of the photo instead of the original... since you can do pretty good damage trying to pull tape off of a photo if you pull the tape off in mid-stick.
    Anyway, once it's "laminated" you can embroider the photo onto the stocking with a hefty needle. Don't forget your thimble!
    If you haven't sewn both halves of the stocking together yet, condsider using a sewing machine to sew the laminated photo in place, it looks really cool.


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