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    anybody ever made a dress form?

    Has anyone ever made a dress form or seen good instructions on how to go about it?

    It's not that I am so hard to fit, but that I don't exactly want to pay anywhere near a hundred dollars for one!


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    make your own dummy

    Hi --- first post here.

    Dress forms are actually not that hard to make. First, get a really old t-shirt, the bigger the better; a couple of rolls of either duct tape or sturdy masking tape; stuffing (old pillows are fine); scissors (bandage scissors are ideal); and a friend to help you.

    Put on the t-shirt, and then have your friend wrap you in several layers of tape. Work in sections (don't try to just go round and round your body in circles), first creating a framework (outline the bust, waist, hips, arm holes, etc) and then filling in. The tape shouldn't be tight, but the result should fit close to the body. You want at LEAST 2-3 layers of tape on every part of the shirt to make it really sturdy, but if you start to feel uncomfortable (some people don't like being bound up like this) you can ALWAYS stop and start again later.

    Using the bandage scissors, have your friend cut straight up the back of the shirt so that you can wriggle out. Take off the shirt, and then use tape to close up the cut again. Trim any excess shirt (stuff that's left beyond the tape) and then, using more tape, cover the arm and neck holes. Stuff the shirt with the stuffing, packing it fairly tightly so that you've got a rigid form, and then use tape to close up the bottom of the shirt as well. (There are various ways of attaching this dummy to stands, but really, I find it easier to work with it as is...)

    On a side note: I once made a suit of armour using this technique and a lot of duct tape, with velcro to close the back. Fun!


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