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    Crafty Party Idea: the Pajama Pants Party

    With the holidays upon us I decided it would be nice to get all of my crafty friends together and craft up. Through this and a little inspiration from my friend Kelli and her "house shorts" and the episode of Craft Corner Deathmatch where they embellish jeans the: Make your Own Pajama Pants Party was born.

    Step One: I sent out an evite asking everyone to bring embellishments to share and to let me know what size pants they wanted (S, M or L), what their favorite color was and to commit to coming or not.

    Step Two: I went to the fabric store and bought 2 yards of different “quilters cotton” per person in different patterns and 2 yards of corresponding ribbon, and some “Ultrabond” to make everything an iron on and some of that iron on mesh.

    Step Three: with a little help from a friend we washed, ironed and cut 24 yards of fabric into 12 pairs of pant (it was an even better idea than I had expected – guess that is what I get for having such crafty friends). *we used a pattern that was only 2 pieces instead of 4 which made it a little easier and cut 2 pairs at a time…

    Day of the party: the party started at 4PM - I served hors d'ourves and wine and two of my friends brought their sewing machines so we had three total (for 10 people) and I had an ironing board and iron (2 would have been great but that was an oversight).
    Everyone put the embellishments in a basket (along with oodles of ribbon I happen to have) and went to work on making their pants.

    It was really cool to see how different everyone’s stuff was even though they were pretty much using the same embellishments, and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun eating and crafting. I have posted pictures to my blog under the photo album Pajїż˛£є™ for anyone interested.

    If you decide to have one please let me know how it goes, or if you need any tips!

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    That is a fabulous idea for a party! I wish I had more crafty friends!

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    I love that idea too!!
    My friends are always saying stuff like "Oh, I could never do that!". Makes me crazy. I have one friend who knits. The rest don't do any kind of crafty stuff becuase they think they're not creative, which is total BS!
    I think this would be a wonderful way to show them that they ARE creative!
    Great project to prepare for a late winter pick-me-up for my friends!


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