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    bathroom art

    I have been trying to come up with an idea for wall art in the bathroom. Ours gets really steamy, so the prints we have won't work. I came up with the idea of taking a blank canvas and wrapping a colorful, patterned shower curtain around it. Kind of like when you use fabric as art, but instead this is a waterproof version and with one cheap shower curtain you could make lots of art. I plan to go to Ikea next week and see what they have. The dollar store could have some, too.

    Does anyone have any other ideas?

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    i like that idea - that would be really nifty! but perhaps instead of putting it over canvas. just get the frames that you can stretch your own canvas over. that way no mold or mildew can grow between the layers.

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    You can get places like Kinkos to laminate posters or prints. Or you could buy iron-on vinyl from a fabric store and use that to completely cover whatever else. Album covers, maps, fabric.

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    If you're allowed to paint your walls you could paint a big block of color somewhere.

    Another idea is to make a mosaic. This is probably a little labor-intensive, but bright colorful tiles are nice in bathrooms.

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    Good ideas! I really like the idea of painting a block of color - that could be really cool. (And it's our house so we can do whatever the heck we want to! :) ) And I'm going to try to find an inexpensive frame to stretch fabric over instead of a pre-made canvas. I think you're right, sarabell - it might collect mold in there...

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    I hate my bathroom, and am always eyeballing magazine ideas to get better ideas. I painted it about 2 years ago and it looks so dingy, and just BLAHK! I'd love to see pictures halfnhalf when your done!

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    A girlfriend gave me a shadowbox when I moved that was a series of unusual buttons sewn onto a grid drawn on canvas. It has hung in my steamy bathroom for over a year with no problems.

    I get lots of compliments on it and I suspect it wouldn't be too hard to replicate. My bathrooms is really tiny so I can only have the one picture - but I use the multi-color buttons to justify any color of towels and such as "matching."

    My sister just redid her bathroom with a series of vintage postcards from our city that she found in an antique store in a clearanced pre-matted frame. The postcards were about $0.40 each so if moisture gets into the frames over time it isn't a huge loss. If you can't find something waterproof that you really like, go wth something quasi-disposable.


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