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    sewing machine recommendation

    Can anyone recommend a great sewing machine? I'm FINALLY looking into buying a new one.

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    I have an old Brother sewing machine [this is the good part] model name is *Sister*

    Its an old side motor single stitch black with gold leaf design and a tweed carry case. The problem is it isnt stitching correctly, or I donít think it is. I would love to find out more about this machine. But most importantly , how to fix a problem with it.

    The top thread doesnít get sewn through the fabric, and the bobbin thread is just looped around the top thread. If you pull the top thread from the side, it will actually slide out of the looped bobbin thread. Visualize a garden hose out straight, with several equally spaced croquet hoops pushed over it. You can slide the garden hose right through all the croquet hoops. Thatís what this is doing??

    Donít know much else about it, I just picked it up at St. Vincent Paul version of Goodwill in St. Louis Mo. I do know I love old machines , but I can never seem to get them to work correctly. I have a really nice old Precision ( made in Japan) side motor machine and I cant find a correct bobbin for it even though Ive purchased every kind available at 3 different sewing shops.
    Any ideas on either one?



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    This has come up a bunch of time:
    Here is on recent post that has a bunch of links for other times that it has come up:


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