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    Newbie Knitting Question

    Ok, so I'm about to attempt my first non-scarf knitting project. It's also my first project from a pattern. The problem is that the thing has very small stripes: I'm supposed to alternate two rows of one color with two rows of another. And I have no idea how to execute this feat. Help! I have a vague impression that I am not actually supposed to cut the first yarn and tie the end to the second, but I'm not sure what the alternative is. Any websites that show pictures of the proper way to do this?

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    This has videos that walk you through a lot of things.

    I recently tried it and it's pretty easy. I did a scarf though. When I first started the color change, I just tied the new yarn to the other colored yarn...but I do know there's a way to like knit them together for a while or something, I can't remember exactly, it should be on that site.

    It's actually pretty easy though, especially if I was able to do it ;) The only thing you have to watch is when you're carrying along the color for the other stripe, make sure you don't pull too tight (which will cause the edge to buckle) or leave it too loose (which causes a loop hanging off the edge). But it's really not hard to avoid that once you get used to it.

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    Cool! Thanks!


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