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    I need advice on buying a serger!

    I'm throwing around the idea of buying a serger. I need help A) asessing whether or not I actually NEED it B) choosing a brand/model and C)finding the best price possible.

    I mainly want to use it to make cloth diapers and slings. I've made both successfully with my regular sewing machine but I feel that a serger would make the diapers go faster and look cleaner.
    Any ideas or input? I'm new to the serger so clue me in please!

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    Do you live near a sewing machine retailer? Many stores combine sewing machine and vacuum cleaner sales and repair. I recommend going to a local retailer for assistance. They are obviously going to show you what they sell, but then if you need a repair, you are going to have someone local who can actually fix it. Not all repair shops are authorized to fix every brand, and if you are in AK, it will be very pricey to ship back to a manufacturer for a repair or tune-up.

    Personally, I love the Baby Lock brands ( You can search for local retailers on their website. They have an excellent warranty program, and oftentimes have free giveaways when you buy a new machine! Fortunately, I have a Baby Lock retailer only 10 minutes away. Buy the most versatile model you can afford--you WON'T regret it! Baby Lock also does financing on their machines, 0% for 24 months--pretty cool, eh? (geesh, I sound like a commercial!)

    A serger will definitely make your sewing life easier, especially with baby items. Just make sure that you tie off your ends, snip them, and put a dot of fray check on them so they don't unravel and tangle around a baby's little finger or toe.

    Okay--sorry! I'll shut up now! I hope this helps!

    Take care,

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    I'm bumping this up because i'm thinking about asking for a serger for christmas (ok, maybe christmas, valentine's day and my birthday, since from what i can tell they are PRICEY).

    Susan's advice above is great, but I'd love to get a sense from other serger owners of what brands they have, how much they paid (new or used) and how hard sergers really are to use, re-thread etc. If I am going to get one, I want to get one that is a decent price, won't make me want to pull all my hair out, and does as many things as a home-sewer might like to do with a serger.

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    I have a serger that I bought on eBay for about 50 bucks, it is a kenmore (my sewing machine is also a kenmore and have always had luck with them).
    My serger on the other hand gives me stress, I look at it and I get too worked up about how to thread it - so I have not used it yet.
    TexasKelli has one that she uses and loves, hers is also a kenmore that came from Sears.

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    i have a singer serger. i found it on craigslist for about $80. once you have one, you'll find many uses for it.

    if you don't need it right this instant, look on craigslist. the lady selling mine bought it for her mom. mom was overwhelmed by it, so it sat unused for a few years. thus, they were selling it.

    newer models have easier threading, but cheap was better for me. the first time you use it, expect to cuss and get very annoyed. after that, it gets 100% better.


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