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    Flooring in Glass Work Area?


    I am an interior design student and I am working on a really cool project. I am designing the remodel for the Oregon State University craft center. We would like to replace the flooring in the Glass work area, but I'm not sure what the best flooring for glass crafts is...

    Does anyone have an opinion on the best flooring for a glass work area? The glass crafts that are done in this space are fused and stained glass. Any ideas would be great.


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    in terms of safety, your best bet is concrete. i know the floor at the craft center at my school is concrete in the glass and jewelry areas.

    however, it doesn't seem like glass crafting involves anything all that flammable. they use soldering irons for soldering and enclosed kilns for fusing... so you might be able to use linoleum or vinyl flooring, which is less ugly and less fatiguing to stand on.

    in either case, make sure you incorporate anti-fatigue mats into the flooring plan anywhere people will be standing for long periods, like the sink or a cutting area. i know they're not pretty, but as a person who has worked places with concrete and vinyl floors, they are necessary.

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    If you go with concrete floors, you could stain them a cool color or in a design that complements the rest of the building.

    Hopefully the functionality won't completely eliminate the style.

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    I'm not sure if it has ever been done nor do I know if it would be practical for your project, but... could glass block be used for flooring? In an entirely glass building that had little need for privacy it would be an intriguing element.

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    Most flooring store oversell bamboo floors as one of the hardest flooring available, truth be told they are not. Hardwood floor refinishing contractors union

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    Thanks for sharing this article here on this site
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