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    Sewing Knit Pillow front to Fabric Pillow Back

    So I've been knitting these simple, fun color and texture squares, with the vague idea that they could become pillow fronts. My hope is that I will be able to create a fabric pillow back (possibly complete with zipper) and then sew that to the knit pillow front.

    I'm not sure though what complications will arise, or what stitch to use to attach them. My thought is to hand stitch with a fell stitch.

    Has anyone tried this a failed miserably? Has anyone seen it work?

    Do I need to knit a back panel?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    If you really want a fabric back, I recommend making a full fabric front and back, and sewing the knitting to the front. Knitting tends to be much stretchier than woven fabrics, so getting a smooth seam can be a real challenge. You can machine stitch the knit panel to the fabric, but I prefer hand sewing so I can make small adjustments if necessary.

    There are patterns out there for knitted pillowcases that fasten with buttons, too.


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