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    Stenciling for painting

    Does anyone know where I can go to find some stencils for painting? Or perhaps even a place to find patterns where I can just cut out the pattern myself? I'm going on a painting excursion!

    Any links what so ever would be great!

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    What do you want the stencils to be of? If you are willing to cut your own, any simple clip art image could become a stencil.

    If you have Illustrator, you can take a full color image and do a "live trace" and it will show you just the negative space that you would want to cut out for your stencil. There might be a similar/better feature to whatever program you like to use. (If you wanted to try that, I could try and get you better directions)

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    I make my own usually, but Dover Publishing has lots of odd books of pre-cut stencils, generally small sized.

    To make your own, you can photocopy just about any image onto card stock, and cut out lines with an exacto-knife. Brush some cooking oil in the card to make cutting easier. You can also do a line-drawing and cut out the lines.


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