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    Weird sewing machine problem.

    I'm a total newbie when it comes to using my sewing machine. I bought it used from someone who showed me the basics for using it, but I don't feel comfortable calling her to ask for help, and I don't have a manual.

    So here's the problem--my bobbin ran out of thread, so I took it out and re-wound it. I thought I did a nice job--it seemed like the thread was nice and even. But now that I try to sew with it, I'm getting TONS of extra thread on the back. I don't know how else to explain it, but there's something like 10 times as much thread on the back and it just sort of hangs off. Does that make sense? And it's only on the back. On the top part it looks normal.

    I'm thinking it must have something to do with the bobbin, but I can't figure out what I did wrong.

    I just now had a thought. Maybe I wound the thread in the wrong direction? Could that be it?

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    It seems like from the sounds of it that your tension on the bobbin isn't tight enough?... Can you set the top thread tension and bobbin tension separatly? Sounds like the bobbin needs to be tighter...Or the top thread tension is too tight. Also, I have an older(60's) Kenmore,I had some tenion problems with while trying to get the hang of it, it was a little curved peg that is on the bobbin holder that the thread needs to be on the other side of.

    I would call the woman you got it from and ask her if she knows. She will like the fact that it is being used!:) It may be something she had run into with it and knows the fasted way to deal with the problem.

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    Thank you! It was the tension in the top thread. I had it way too loose. I rethread it and it works like a charm. :)


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