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    What should I DO with all this junk??????? HELP!

    i am not a junk collector, nor do i have that disease where you cant throw anything away (i was VERY insulted when someone told me that i had the disease in Yahoo! Answers). i am merely a crafter who likes reconstructing stuff like junk. i'm not very rich :0)
    sooo any ideas???
    *lots and LOTS of multi-sized buttons
    *lots of those little badges with the safety pins
    *lots of marbles
    *lots of McDonald/Burger King happy meal toys
    *lots and LOTS of weird stuff (like the kind you get in thse capsules for 5o cents)
    *lots of Altoids tins
    *lots and lots of old keychains
    *lots and lots of paperclips
    *lots of old clothes
    *lots of googly eyes
    *lots of magazine/junk mail clippings
    *a weird necklace chain that i got for like 10 cents at the craft festival
    *lots ad lots of plastic bottlecaps
    *lots and lots of beer caps
    *lots and lots of glitter..
    *lots of empty cosmetic cases
    *LOTS of those ironed bead creations (the kind where you assemble a lot of beads and when you iron over them, you get this little slab of ironed beads?)
    *a lone red dice
    *ugly phone charms
    *monopoly money

    WOW sorry i took up so much space. BUT PLZ... HELP! i'm being pulled under!

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    How fun!

    I'm sure there is some sort of mega installation piece you could do with socio-political ramifications about American consumerism and pop culture or something, but that's no damn fun. Let's play with your stuff.

    Monopoly money - how about decoupage? The colors are pretty fun (although I always remember the goldenrod as kind of sticking out) but the rest sort of coordinate. Could be really fun for a game table. If you could score a wooden table at Goodwill or on trash night (kid size or regular size) you could put a checker/chess or whatever board in the middle. Cover the rest with Monopoly money and varnish the heck out of it? You could even use some of your marbles for a nubbly border. Mix some of your glitter into the varnish because glitter makes everything better.

    Candy wrappers and old magazines - kind of the same idea. The candy wrappers might be cool for some sort of vessel you could keep candy in. Or cover a bunch of boxes and bags and use it as funky gift wrap?

    The magazines would also be good for collage.

    What kind of color selection do you have with the plastic caps? Could you make a mosaic?

    Buttons - obviously you can use them as buttons, should you want to change the look of something or if your dog eats them off of your sweaters like mine. My friend made me a really cool button picture that is hanging in my house. I wish I had a picture - but it is basically ecru fabric with a grid drawn in the center. There is a funky button in each square of the grid and the whole thing is framed in a shadow box - totally simple but you'd be surprised how many compliments I get on it. If you wanted to get more elaborate, you could make a mosaic-type picture out of the buttons. Labor intensive, but I bet it would be cool as hell.

    The marbles, buttons, badges, bubble toys, etc could be made into thumbtacks, 3D frames, earrings...

    As for the old clothes, I'd see if some of them might be better off donated to charity than cut up for crafting. (If you are only so-so about the fabric or crafty potential - then let it go to keep someone else warm) But anything that is stained or torn and therefore not suitable for charity or is just too fun a fabric to give up....

    You could make reconstructed clothes. There are lots of t-shirt altering ideas around here. Wool sweaters could be felted in the washing machine to make all kinds of stuff. Other fabric can be remade into quilts, handbags, stuffed animals, throw pillows...

    I know the bead creations you are talking about, but I have never made them. If you iron them again, could you join them together? I think it would be a fun mat for the kitchen or laundry room if you could turn all of the dinosaurs and unicorns and sailboats into a big rectangle.

    Okay, that's all I've got for now.

    If you just want it out of your house, you could bag it up into grab bags and try to swap it. Or you could see if there is a scout leader or teacher who could use some of it for arts and crafts.

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    yay area
    look for people with art cars in your area. i remember years ago in palo alto, there was a community event where people were encouraged to bring in such items that they could then glue onto cars.

    or all the little toys and treasures, you could bag up and give to trick or treaters.... even some little craft supply bags for the imps!

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    You could use all that stuff to make ornaments for your christmas tree (if you celebrate christmas)...

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    weave the candy wrappers

    If you weave the wrappers you can make great designs like the purses on or I show one at my blog Just scroll down a bit on the blog.

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    Beer caps - I am collecting them too - I saw this on HGTV: they glued peppermint candies to a wood lined serving tray then poured some sort of clear epoxy on so the tray. the plastic/epoxy cured smooth so you can use the tray but you could see the candies. I think it would look cool with beer or soda caps.

    toys/tchoskies - I have a collection of crap I should get rid of but can't. My idea is to seek out an old apothecary type chest with small drawers. I would put my rubber glow worm in one drawer, a McD's toy from Japan in another, funny badges in another etc. Then you have a cool advent calendar type chest for guests to peruse thru and see your crap that is too cool to toss but too junky to put on display. Like a prize inside each drawer.

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    You could decopage things (and glue the buttons and other flattish items) onto the altoid tins and then use them for little change purses, condom holders, business card case, etc. You could probably open up an etsy shop and sell them. Or just give them as gifts to the people in your life. You could personalize them to each recipient, especially with magazine clippings. Also, you can epoxy clippings into the bottle caps and make them into jewelry. I can totally see some cute beer bottle cap earrings and necklace sets with different clippings in them.

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    Sew the buttons on the back panel of a jeans jacket.

    I took the buttons from my grandmother's inherited stash and sewed them on a very cool military jacket (someone told me it was an air force dress jacket), mostly on its lapels. I put some gold braid on the cuffs and WoW it was a great jacket to go clubbing in... back in the day when I did such things. Heavy as sin, but oh so cool.

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    If you can part with any of it, list it on craigslist for free.
    The toys would probably go.

    Also, sometimes teachers like the old magazines and odd paper items.

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    One thing you could do with the candy wrappers and stuff cut out of magazines is make pinback buttons (badges)! (I have a DIY deal where you can send me the cut-out circles and I'll make the buttons for you for pretty cheap.)

    But then you'd just be adding to your collection of pinback buttons!

    Seriously though, I was just drooling over your list. I love everyone's suggestions too. I'm not sure what I can add...

    I guess I would just say do some mixed-media art pieces. I would just get out your craft supplies (glue, scissors etc), play some music to inspire you and just see what happens.

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