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    Christmas card w/5 animals IDEAS?

    Any creative ideas on how to feature 3 dogs and 2 cats all together on a Chrstmas card? Getting them together for a pic is impossible. Any and all ideas appreciated. Thanks-shan

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    The best thing I could come up with would be a collage.

    If you google flagrantdisregard flickrtoys you will find a great mosaic maker! You don't have to have Flickr to use the site.

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    Make each one's face an ornament on a tree or holly berry? If you could get a round cut out of each one's face you could sub it in for a lot of things.

    My first thought was some sort of Brady Bunch grid. Maybe alternating animal squares with gift boxes or words of the season?


    Dog - Cookies - Cat
    Presents - Dog - Carols
    Cat - Family - Dog

    Cold noses and warm wishes from our house to yours?

    I think if you have similarly lit close-up photos of each animal, there is a lot you can do to combine them.

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    make them play poker with a xmas tree in the background!

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    craftfetish, I was just going to suggest the Brady Bunch thing! I think that would be really cute. Maybe you could get Santa hat stickers and put them over the pictures? (Because I know my dog kind of really really hates having things on his head, and he wouldn't keep anything on long enough for a quick picture.)

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    Cold noses and warm wishes - I love that!

    Will the groups site together - maybe have 2 pictures?

    Use a picture on each side of a tree like they are all gathered around it?

    Maybe have a joke card? Have the one group doing something bad on the front and inside have the others being blamed.
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    It would be really cool if you did something with a tripod around the tree like micrafty suggested. I can't figure out photo editing software, though.

    If you are good with Photoshop, no one needs to know they aren't all in the same picture.

    A collage like slinkster said might be a good option for a similar look but where the exposed edges are allowed to be rough.


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