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    Big stupid cardboard roll-y things...

    Howdy all!

    This is my first post and like a drowning man clutching for a branch I shall clutch your sleeves and screech, "Help!"

    I encountered the single greatest find in the history of the 'verse: free roadside toilet paper. Obviously the curb-setter-outers worked/had access to industrial sized rolls that are frequently removed and replaced by new shiny rolls, leaving quite substantial ends. Neatest part, each roll was on a really wide (about 4 1/2 inches across), and very thick cardboard center (a good three millimeters or more) but the same length as a regular roll. The result is a very small, sturdy drum shaped cylinder. As each roll was, er, depleted, I kept it and now they are stacked up like some kind of bizarre firewood.

    I have had ideas from the mundane (pencil holders) to the esoteric ("spirit" drums, as they are impractical for the real things and I have no dead critters about with which to make drumskins-but would be neat to make shrine-like interpretations). Any other ideas? Anything at all. I am at a loss.

    Sorry about the long-ass post. Welcome to the wordy world of me. :)


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    welcome from a fellow wordy gal! unfortunately, other than the pencil cup idea, i'm at a loss myself, having saved them whenever i'd change them back in the days when i worked at a place where that was my duty. thankfully i didn't have a stockpile but if i tried hard enough, i'd surely find a couple few around!

    ....perhaps some sort of clustered cubby system?

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    you could fill them with parafin wax and sawdust/rolled up cardboard and make fire starters. You could decorate the outside with tissue paper to look like the christmas crackers.

    you could also glue a bottom to them, then do some sort of fabric/paper wrap and use it as a box for a present.

    depending on how sturdy they are, you could drill holes in the tube and crochet through the holes and make....something....

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    spray paint them and make a fake dangly wall out of them (strung together)

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    oh yeah,i was gonna say what pinguino did. or, find some way to glue them together and stack them and make a the old fashion 3 piece ones? OR, (this was my idea that i put into action for normal empty tp rolls) you could *slice* them like, salami and make a beaded curtain. and glitter them up or something. did that make sense? i think it would look really freaking cool. and since they're thick, they'd probably saw ok or something. unlike regular rolls which, don't really handle being cut apart so well. lol.

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    If you have a really big pile of them, why not make a piece of furniture? They sound really sturdy, and I have seen something like that... somewhere.


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