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Thread: draft dogs ?

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    draft dogs ?

    what is the right english word for draft dog ?
    I'm looking for craft-info on this topic
    In Belgium, we call them 'tochthonden' : they are textile rolls ,often shaped as dogs, and they are used as '3-dimential doormats' on the inside of a door......for draft-protection and isolation.

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    sara, there are probably different names in different sections of the states, but I've always called them draft dodgers. That's a play on words because we had so many army draft dodgers or evaders leaving this country during our Viet Nam years.

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    i also call it a draft dodger.

    that or 'the snake' b/c that's what the one my mom made looks like.

    Basically she made a tube and sewed an X in the middle long enough for it to be able to hang on a doorknob. Then she filled the two long ends with sand and closed them up.

    It hangs on the door when we're not home, and when we are, the two long pieces are the length of the door, so there's a little gap where the x is and you push the two long parts together at the x area, so it doesn't let the cold in.


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    I've heard these called draft stoppers, draft excluders, door snakes and I'm sure other things too.

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    I've heard them called draft excluders and wind excluders. I had one when I was a kid that was in the shape of a snake, with google eyes. I loved that thing - you may have just inspired me to make another.


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