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    wastebaskets made of paper

    I was in wal mart today (against my will...long story) and I noticed something really cool. There were these wastebaskets made out of woven newspaper. It looked like it was from an asian country. Does anyone out there know what I am talking about? How would you be able to make newspaper firm enough, but maleable enough to weave do you think?

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    i've seen things similar - this store i went to had things made of newspaper (but it wasn't woven - i can't describe these vases and bowls but they were very neat and looked extremely easy to destroy....), coated paper (maybe magazine pages) and also those plastic bags with the mylar (?) inside - you know, like a potato chip bag. the wastebaskets were made of the plastic bags and were really cool - the bags were rolled up and woven together with plastic twine. i've seen smaller items of woven paper - like pen cups (yet another project sitting halfway completed in the closet.... )

    i've woven flat panels that i've later shaped out of coated paper by cutting pages into strips about 3 inches wide and folding them a few times until they're about 1/2 inch wide. newspaper's worth a try but i'd be wary of the paper quality - a "good" newspaper versus the cheaper paper that say the freebie paper will make a big difference not to mention that the cheap newspapers so often use that ink that rubs off.

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    if you wanted to you could get metal rings from the craft store for form at the top and bottom...
    You could also get a shiney plastic trashcan and paper mache it with news paper for a non woven but a cool look, it is shiney you can use it multiple times as a form...
    while looking for directions I found a pretty cool site that shows you how to do crafts with trash...
    I also found this blog, I think this is what you are talking about? It mentions a book called crafting with newspapers... it looks pretty simple in the event you have woven a basket before?



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