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    hi all, first of all thank you to all of you for this website and making it such a rich source of advice and knowledge. I got so overwhelmed by how everyone helps one another that I had to stop writing this for a minute or two...

    ok now the main point:

    I want to make my own clothes, and I mean designer style clothes, like Chloe and Marc Jacobs...and I cannot afford the expensive prices (range between $1000-much more). I need a basic sewing machine for making garments only. delicate garments using silk, satin synthetic and even jeans and denim project. I need a machine that is designed to do thin, thik difficult fabrics. no decorating or anything like that. I was wondering what is the best suggestion anyone can come up with?

    Thank you for everything.

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    You might try this link


    I read your post and went to look to see what I could find on the sewing machine you are looking for, and found a page with lots of personal info on several models of sewing machines. I hope this helps.

    Best Regards,


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