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    stupid question about sewing

    Hi, I''m new to this site. I have a really stupid question, what kind of knot would I make at the end of a peice of sewing thread? My grandma taught me to sew but I really didn''t pay close attention to how to tie off the thread. I know, that was stupid of me, but hey, I was only 6 yrs. old when she taught me. Please, can somebody help me with this?
    Thank you

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    Moving to share a craft.

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    generally you don't use knots for clothing sewing, just do a couple of closely spaced backstitches at the beginning and end of the thread the idea is that knots cause more wear and end up breaking the thread.

    if you want to make a knot, just use a regular half-knot for the beginning of the thread. when you get to the end, make a tiny stitch and put the needle through the loop before you pull it tight.


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