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Thread: Sports Bra?

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    Sports Bra?

    A lovely person made me a present of two sports bras, which was nice of them, because I could't afford them myself, and want to get fitter ( I have been cursed unfortunately with boulders of doom, and when I run without a sports bra, I want to die both of embarassment and pain) The sports bras are, however, slightly too big for me. They're fine around the band, but it's the straps - they keep falling off. I've got them as tight as I can go, but they've still got too much stretch.
    Here's the crafty bit. I want to replace the elastic with something rigid. I thought about using grosgrain ribbon, or something inflexible, but I'm worried about the washability of that. I know that the old glitter had a few threads on bra making, but does anyone know of anything strong and washable which is suitable for lingerie?

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    Here's a thread from the old Glitter:

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    Hmm, I'm thinking something non-elastic will just rub you sore. What about just cutting out a bit of the band and sewing it back together at the back. I've done this with bathing suit tops before & it worked out great.


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