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    Resizing a t-shirt?

    My sorority mom bought me a shirt with our letters on it, but it is way too big for me. I know it sounds like a silly question, but is there a simple way to make it smaller? Has anyone done this? I'm most concerned about the sleeves...?

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    I'm a complete novice so just be warned. I'm sure there's plenty of more expert advice others can offer..

    I've done a lot of big tshirt surgery and this is what I do.. I place a well-fitting shirt over the big shirt. On the sides and under the arms I make a continuous mark where I need to trim, allowing 1cm or so for seams. I then run the sewing machine over the mark, and cut the excess fabric off (take care that the shirt lines up perfectly when sewing, especially at the ends, armpits and cuffs; and use a durable stitch). Sometimes, depending how large the resize is, I need to take in the sleeves a bit to make it look proportioned.

    I just bought several 5 EUR shirts at H&M and my friends couldn't tell that I've resized them, so I must be doing something right..?


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