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    Cuter Back to School

    I just got one of those bland, boring $10 Wal-Mart backpacks, its only saving grace being the LOOK-AT-ME, LOOK-AT-ME teal color. I was kinda icked out and I thought about it: no one makes cute backpacks.
    Sooo........ I dug threw my mom's fabric containers and found the coolest striped fabrics and really girly lace. I hot glued them on the flaps and what-not, replaced the strings they put through zippers, and voila. It is really cute and just a step and very euro boutique.
    Just wanted to share it with you guys in case your backpacks are too totally ick, also.

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    thanks! my backpack could totally use some revamping...although, for crafters like us, what couldn't use revamping? ;)

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    can you post a picture of it? that would be cool.

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    I would, but my digicam is dead. Sorry.


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