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    Dear Crafty,
    I was just wondering about the above if the Bias with a right hand slant means thats the straight grain from top left to bottom right, please give as much information as possible.
    Hi, I would like to know about which Bias direction your supposed to use as there are two different 45 degree diagnol biases! They seem to have different stretch for different fabrics!
    Well theres two different diagnols of 45 degree Bias, they seem to have different amount of stretch and I don''t know how to pick which one!
    Please tell me if your supposed to use right-angle bias or left-angle bias when cutting on the Bias!

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    can't help you but i'm moving this post to "share a craft" so that someone who does know can help....

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    it doesn't matter, anything cut at a 45 degree angle is bias. if you think one direction is easier to work with than the other, use that, but i have never experienced one bias being different from the other. that might be the case with twills... just do whatever feels better to you.


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