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    Art Geek

    I love the name art geek. The "unlimited" part sounds a bit forced. Miscellenea sounds like something that could be mispelled (If I havent already) so you want to make sure people remember your name. Reluctant artist, as others have said, has a negative connotation so it just doesn't work for a business.

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    I think "artgeek" would be a great name! not unlimited though :D

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    hey you!!! it was so great to see you at the last crafting out loud! thanks so much for visiting. we *have* to get together! name...if you haven't decided on artgeek. you're already known by that name by so many of us. it's you, it's yours, you've already been using it! those are my thoughts on it.

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    Umm... artgeek miscellanea?

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    LOL , looks like I stand alone in casting my vote for the RELUCTANT ARTIST..... :-)

    Reading your three finalist choices I was intrigued by RA.
    I immediately thought 'what's the STORY' there? Most artists are DRIVEN, SINGLEMINDED in their purpose to create...
    Why is this artist RELUCTANT yet still creating...?????

    So from a list of sites to look at I'd have picked Reluctant Artist to see what the skinny was - and see what a Reluctant artist creates!
    (tho admittedly I"m far from the norm -that's why I'm a full time studio artist I suppose, lol :-)

    * I agree a good point was made in relation to how 'personal' you want to be.
    RELUCTANT ARTIST would be lost without a solid story/explanation on your site/page/tags etc*

    I'm also a fan of 'flexible names' - in marketing there IS a strong nod to naming your business in a way that 'defines' what you do/create ~ as in 'Cammiles' Knits' etc. One school of marketing says YES, tell the public WHAT YOU CREATE at the outset via your name!

    But if down the line Cammile grows weary of knitting - or develops arthritic fingers - of for some reason she wants to devote her skills/time/heart to creating painted furniture or photography she'd have a LOT of re-working to do - biz cards to hangtags to domain name - the re-do list would be long!

    So another school of 'marketing thought) is to use a flexible name:

    One way would be via your 'personal name' as in CAMMILE SMITH (made up name, hope no one here is Cammile Smith!)

    where was I.... ah.. as in or
    Cammilescreations -

    Another way would be
    with nomenclature more abstract - such as

    Those business name options allow for a lot of flex in the future as you grow, explore, expand as an artist!

    See, I DO ramble! Sorry :-)


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    I think miscellanea is a good name...the most important think is, you name should be eary remembered by your costumer or anybody else. I do something like you, paper and recycled paper...but I just take the name that passed into my head :), that means it is easy remembered

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    Also, keep in mind that a business name that doesn't include solely yours would be helpful if/when you sell your business. (I like to think big). That way if the new owners do something terrible to the brand or as a company, your name isn't associated with that mayhem.

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    I think i have a few tips when thinking about a name.

    One-if you are doing anything online make sure the url is available
    two- if you are doing anything as a physical store you do not want to scare people off with something esoteric or named for something only net junkies would get. Also not too off the wall that someone would think you are some sort of pretentious artist.
    Warm and fuzzy and easy to remember and easy to spell
    avoid your name in full but you can do your first name because if you sell you can go from "expressions by (your name)" to "creations by (your name)"

    Just some ideas. Hope it helps.

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    I also recently had this problem and it was not at all difficult for me to do it. Hair studio namings helped me a lot and I am grateful to them for that. I also advise you to look at their website and you will find what you need and this is 100% information. In general, I want to say that the name is very important, because as the sailors say: " As you call the ship so it will float "

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    well, that is quick formula:your lastname + company

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