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Thread: sewing kit

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    sewing kit

    Hi Everyone , I am new here.I have a ??? Where can I buy a really nice sewing kit?Looking forward to getting to know all of you. Thanks Redheart

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    Best bet is to make your own. Buy a sewing box if you wish. There are pretty and sturdy wooden ones with cushioned tops and maybe a few dividers inside.

    If you buy the prepackaged bits of thread and needles and scissors, thimble, tape measure, and a few odd buttons, the quality is usually not there and the variety is not tailored to your needs. They may also work out to be more expensive in the long run. Probably fine if you are just needing a quick kit to keep in your desk at work or something, though.

    Decide what you want or need and then buy each thing separately. For instance, although I like and own several traditional thimbles, I never use them. I have used my leather thimble on occasion. I like a retractable tape measure. Glass head pins. Prefer Gutermann threads. Gingher scissors. And I would never be without stitch witchery. You may have other ideas.

    If you sew very little and by hand, you'll want needles, thread and scissors. The rest is a matter of choice.


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