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    Plain glass magnet!!!


    I''m new here in
    I love making crafts. I would love to make lots of glass magnet but don''t know where & how to get them.

    Could you please share your tips:
    Where do you normally get your plain glass magnets'' supply (in bulk)?
    Any good bargain so far?
    If possible, please provide me with the link to the website as well.


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    I'm sorry, craftmania, but I have no idea what you're talking about when you say "plain glass magnet." The closest thing that comes to mind are marble magnets, which are a simple and fun little projects that look good on your 'fridge. For those you use clear glass marbles with the flattened bottoms that you can usually find in floral section of the craft store and heavy-duty round magnets from the office supply store (They usually come in packs of six. Office Max has particularly good ones.) Anyway, glue a funky little picture onto your magnet, trim the edge with an x-acto, and glue the marble on top with a craft glue like Amazing Goop, which covers pretty evenly without making bubbles and won't yellow over time. If you want to get fancy, you can package a set of six into a decorated Altoid tin to give as a gift. I hope that helps.

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    Site for "DIY Glass Magnet"

    Hi Gluey,

    Thanks for your sharing.

    Unfortunately, I can't get the above mentioned from my country.

    Alternatively, I found a site that sell "DIY Glass Magnet" in bulk.


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