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    Stripping old stains

    I have an old wooden playpen I''m trying to sand down and restain but am getting disscouraged with all the sanding and I haven''t even gotten to the spindals. Is there something to help me like liquid sanding or a stripper of sorts? I have a hand sander but its not going to help much with the rounded poles or in the grooves. Please help![/img]

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    They definitely have chemicals to do some of the work for you. Your local hardware store or home center should be able to help you pick one out.

    You'll still have to do some finish work, but it'll help.

    Just make sure that you are somewhere really well ventillated.

    Since it is a play pen, I'd ask them what sort of products you can use that would be safe for a baby. (This is probably more of a concern for your polyurethane, but just to be safe)

    Oh, and make sure the spindles are close enough together that they still meet safety regs before you put too much effort in.

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    Yes, there are a number of brands of paint/stain strippers out there. One of which is called StripEase, though there are others which I think work as well. This really should help speed up your job! Sanding fiddling bits like spindles can really be a pain.

    You'll want to make sure you get a pair of chemically resistant gloves, as the stripping solution can burn the skin. These should be available where ever you buy the stripper.

    You'll also need a plastic scraper, to remove any excess stain/paint/stripper

    As well as some mineral spirits, to wipe the stripped furniture with, and neutralize the stripping solution. This will help clean the piece up after it's stripped.

    And definitely, as CraftFetish said, make sure you work in a ventilated area. Also, don't try applying the new stain until your stripped piece has fully dried, or the stain may not take properly to the wood.

    Best of luck to you with your project!


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