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    Alright. I want everyone's opinion.

    I have an outdated bathroom. It has double sinks, florescent (spelling!) lighting, and really disqusting textured wallpaper which is an ugly faded bamboo print with water spots all over it.

    Is it worth taking off all of the wallpaper? Which is the best way to do it?

    And also, I kind of want to paint my bathroom walls either with pinks or blues..what do you think?

    My dad uses my bathroom when he visits, (it's his house but he only comes for the weekends.) and so does my boyfriend. My boy loves pink though..suprisingly.

    I was thinking of doing dark and light pink thick stripes about a quarter the way up the wall and doing the rest a solid color. Any comments? It's a relatively small bathroom, not a master bath.

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    I say yes, take off the paper - esp. if you want to do stripes. I just don't see how you can tape it all off with the texture. My mom painted over wallpaper once -she tried & tried to get it off - even with a steamer it wouldn't budge. And guess what, it started to peel off only a few months after being painted over. You can get this thing called a paper tiger(I think) at the hardware store to help get paper off. Or sometimes just a little water will help paper come up too.

    I think the color is up to you - pinks will give it warmer feel, blues a cooler feel. I lean towards pink, but that's because my whole bath is white - everything - floor, ceiling, tile, fixtures, walls. Very sterile. So I plan to go very warm when I get around to painting.

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    I love the look of pink and black (think a '20s Art Deco theme) in a bathroom, but have never actually decorated one that way.


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