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Thread: Tattoo quilt

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    Tattoo quilt

    In "Craft" magazine "Volume 03" there was an article regarding a quilt made by "Wende Stitt". It was a quilt of tattoo art that she had made for a friend that had passed away. Now I am nowhere near the quilting artist as Wende Stitt but I would like to make something like that for my neices and nephews. But I am puzzled as to how the tattoo art was transformed into fabric. I have no clue as to how the whole "scan, transfer, picture to iron on fabric" deal. Please help. I am tired of standing in front of the "notions" wall at Joannes Fabric Store hoping that a big light bulb will appear over my head.

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    I am looking at the article right now, but it doesn't say anything about how the images were created. I think it is a combination of appliques.

    As a less skilled quilter/sewer, I would also consider using iron-on transfers. Usually you can find t-shirt transfer paper at places like staples or office depot. They come in two types - white and dark (as in the color of the shirt you are fusing it to). The only difference is that the dark paper will fuse entirely to the shirt so there is a white background. Also, you must mirror any text when printing onto a the white style.
    You can also buy printable fabric ( which is fairly similar to the dark t-shirt transfers.

    If you're not very good with the computer part of it, I would suggest taking the image you want and your transfer paper to a copy shop like kinko's or something. They have scanner and will assist you. I believe you can print on your own paper for a smaller fee, but you'd have to check with your local place. Sometimes you can just get them to scan an image for you to print at home.


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