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    Paint for clear, plastic shower curtains

    I need paint type advice--- I don't do a lot of painting crafts, and although I can paint a room, my knowledge of types of paint is pretty limited.

    I'm working on a craft project with my husband where he needs to be able to paint letters and designs on clear plastic shower curtains. (Long story, but it's for some school clubs and organizations to advertise-- kind of like a poster contest)

    The paints do not have to be water proof, but they should be kind of opaque-- we'd like light to filter through a little bit. The paint (or markers, or ink) just needs to be able to adhere to the flexible shower curtain and not wipe off with the swipe of a hand. Form is unimportant--- it could markers or paint-- as long as it would work.

    Any ideas or suggestions for the types or brands of paints that would work for something like this????

    Many, many thanks!!

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    I've no paint advice, but I've attached shapes to a clear shower curtain by cutting them out of coloured contact paper.

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    there are different kinds of acrylics and spray paints specially formulated for use on plastics around now. haven't tried them myself but seems like they'd work. i'd assume that the sprays would be more translucent whereas the liquid paint more on the opaque side. i wanna try them!

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