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    Pointers for craft shows??

    I might be searching under the wrong thing but I would like any tips you may have for handling craft shows. Or maybe you can point me to existing threads? :)

    I have a friend who makes lovely beaded earrings and she's having trouble selling them. They are crystal beads with sterling charms and sterling findings and extremely well made. No junk here. She asks $15.00 a pair. She sold none at her first craft show, now she has a friend's yard sale coming up and she's going to try that.

    It's been suggested that she display them on branches or something up high and also that she might attract people if she were making them on site. I suggested throwing in an incentive like a bracelet half-price with two pairs earrings or something like a bonus. I also suggested she have a mirror by the earrings so ladies could hold them up and see how nice they look.

    I've only done two craft shows and results were dismal so we're both open to helpful ideas. Thank you. :)

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    It might be different in different places, but in Dallas where I live, EVERYONE makes jewelry. It is basic supply and demand... if you can make your own, then all you are looking for is an idea you like, not necessarily something to buy. Sounds harsh, but it has happened to me too. It really stinks when you are in a show and you don't sell enough to make it worth your while, but it is also a learning experience. Tell your friend to research.... go around the shows that she is entering and look at other people's booths. Is it the same style as other exhibitors? Same price range? Equal or better display? All of these things contribute to people's willingness to buy. Also, if you are showing in a "Craft" fair, then the people who are attending are probably crafty people... they have the talent to make their own. Perhaps find a place like a wedding show, or something where people have the desire to buy and not the talent to make.

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    I second the "research your audience" advice. She may also want to take a look around and see what is selling/who is buying.

    It could be that her earrings are not something that the attendees would wear, in which case she needs to incorporate "makes a great gift for daughters/granddaughters/your hipper girlfriends" or whatever into her marketing or else find a different venue.

    But I think your suggestions about creating a nice display (with a tree branch or whatever) and having a mirror available are key.

    Good luck to her!


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