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    Felt Help, please!

    This will be the first time felting for me. I feel confident in the actual process. Tried it by hand (rubbed it briskly under hot running water) last night with a small swatch so i got an idea of what I was doing. It went over really well. So I got some great chunky green wool yarn today and want to knit a "beanie" hat on size 15 needles. So my question is how do I figure out how many stitches? This weekend I started and finished 2 hats on those same needles same thickness of yarn, I started with 46 stitches and that fits mine and my boyfriends head perfectly. (Had done another one at 50 and it was slightly baggy.)
    Sooooo how do I figure this out?

    Thanks so much in advance!!


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    Was the 46 stitch model un-felted?

    Basically, how oversized you need to go will depend on how much it shrinks when you felt it.

    If you do it by hand - with hot water and friction, you can stop when you get to the right size (which may be a good option for the 50 stitch, baggy version)

    If you want to throw it in the washer and felt until it is "done" or whatever, I'd make a gauge swatch and throw it in hot cycle of your washing machine a time or two.

    Say you start with a 4x4 swatch that turns into a 3x3 swatch. If you started with 12st/4in, now you have 12st/3in so you have to base your math on that.

    You'll need to do the math for whatever your actual gauge is though.

    (feel free to post your gauge before and after measurements - this group can help you double check your plans)

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    Yes, sorry I guess I should have clarified. The others were not felted. This will be the first time I've tried to felt. I'll let you know how it goes... wish me luck!


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