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Thread: Marbled Paper

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    Marbled Paper

    Has anyone had any luck making easy, pretty, cheap marbled paper? I was hoping to use acrylic paints.

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    Acrylic is ok if diluted i guess. but you might want to think of a stain, be it natural or chemical, depending on how you are looking to apply this in the paper.

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    I have done marbled paper with my kids, and it has turned out really cool. We've done it twice (granted we used really bright they had the marble pattern, but the colors were off).

    The first time we used ink, the second time I used tube watercolors, that I had diluted.

    How do you plan on doing it? I've seen it done a couple of different ways. We used a pan of dishsoap bubbles, then poured the color over the top and laid the paper down on top of the bubbles. It worked really well for the kids to do, becuase it was super easy.

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    I've marbled paper with acrylic paints and day camp children. We had good results with the marbling, but the colors were light. We used vibrant colors and they just looked a little washed out when they dried. The kiddo's loved it.

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    I've done it with liquid starch (here's a recipe I just googled:

    Also, I've done other kinds of decorative paper using acrylic paints - here's the info on my blog. If you get those cheap bottles of acrylic paint (they're like 50 cents at the craft store), make sure to pick up some metallic paint, as it makes super-cool decorative paper.


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